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Collection Development:

Born in Nuremberg, Germany in 1937 I am collecting fossiles since 1974.
The center of my extensive collection is jurassic of the "Frankenalb", located in the franconian geographical area . Lias, callovian and late jurassic ( with concentration on kimmeridgian ) findings cover a substantial portion of my large collection of ammonites. In addition, I handed over extensive finding material to the Institutes of Paleontology of Berlin, Erlangen-Nuernberg, Stuttgart and Munich. Scientific contacts and cooperating took place as follows:

Prof. Dr. Stürmer from Erlangen introduced me to Prof. Dr. A. Zeiss. After this connection, starting in 1985 I collected ammonites horizontally for the following three years for the University, Institute of Paleontology of Erlangen - Nuernberg. My detected contribution was appreciated in the first general publication about the quarry of Sengenthal/Opf and I was announced honoree author by Prof. Dr. A. Zeiss. The second publication about these quarry of Winnberg ( Sengenthal ) was published in 1989. The event was > 100 excavations completed by H.Gradl <. Author is myself and foreword was done by Prof. Dr. A. Zeiss. An additional publication about the quarry of Sengenthal was published by myself in 1992.
Several unpublished studies I have done about the Sengenthal project are on file. As far as zones and jurassic subzones I was able to make substantial contributions as well and a study was published in December 1997 by H.Gradl / G.Schairer about the upper oxfordian and kimmeridgian of the quarry of the Kaelberberg.
Farthermoore I horizontally gathered and profiled white jurassicc of the Bischberg for Dr. G. Schairer, Institute of Paleontology / Bavarian State Collection Center, Munich.

My actions on profile admission, profile description and horizontal recovery of findings in the lias - quarries of Unterstürmig 1 and lately Unterstürmig 2 (Holzbachacker) were highly recognized in Munich and Berlin. Especially the project Holzbachacker initiates a connection of studies with Prof. Dr. Keupp of the University of Berlin.

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